Providing our military personnel, veterans, and their families a comfortable place to rest while traveling through the Miami International Airport. 


The Military Hospitality Lounge relies on its group of volunteers to act as hosts and staff the lounge on a 7 day per week, 365 days per year schedule. In addition, we are seeking additional volunteers to assist us with various activities throughout the year including fund raising and event coordination. Please note that the minimum age requirement for volunteers is 21.

Our volunteer hosts come from all walks of life; some are veterans, and all are ready to serve as patriotic Americans. Their duties are largely sedentary, and several of our volunteers are senior citizens. Although you will not receive compensation for your hosting duties, you will meet many wonderful young men and women who serve our nation, and you will leave each day feeling good that you were using your spare time to perform a public service by providing assistance to them and their families. In a sense, volunteer hosts also work as good-will ambassadors for Miami-Dade County and South Florida.

Volunteering at the airport is very different than most volunteer organizations.  Prospect volunteers, must fill out a TSA application.  This application triggers a background check.  Once the prospect is cleared by TSA, they must attend a 3 ½ hour TSA training session.  Upon completion of this session, volunteer will be issued an ID badge and a parking decal.

Applicants work with our scheduling coordinator to select 4-hour shifts and are expected to volunteer host at least two times per month. Many volunteers work one or more shifts a week. At times, due to illness or vacation, a scheduled volunteer host may not be able to show up for duty. In these cases, we have other volunteers who are able and willing to fill in on short notice. There are three shifts daily: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Volunteer hosts are requested to report for duty at least 10 minutes before their shift begins to allow their predecessor to depart on time.

Volunteer hosts receive passes for employee parking at MIA where they can park free of charge. Most volunteers have some computer knowledge and all are expected to be friendly and helpful with traveling military members.

To begin the application process, reply using our online application form, in the Drop-Down Menu “Volunteer At Lounge”



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