Providing our military personnel, veterans, and their families a comfortable place to rest while traveling through the Miami International Airport. 

Volunteer At Lounge


  • Types of duties that the volunteer performs:
    Our volunteers are called to host a lounge.  We check for military ID and travel documents.  We replenish snacks and beverages consumed during their shift.  Keeping snack and beverage surfaces free of crumbs and wrappers.  Keeping our magazines and book library organized. The same with keeping our floors clean. And most important “We welcome our guest with a Thank You for your service and thank them again as they leave our lounge”
  • Age requirements:
    All volunteers need to be 21 and older.  Because of the nature of the volunteer work, the prospect volunteer must be mobile!
  • Address of location:
    We are located at the Miami International Airport, Concourse E, second floor.
  • Parking situation:
    Once prospect volunteer clears and completes the 3 1/2 hour TSA class, they are issued a badge and an employee parking decal.  Their parking fee at the employee parking lot is waived!
  • Getting started:
    Prospect volunteer needs to fill out an initial On-Line Application on our website (  Then we conduct a Face to Face interview with the prospect volunteer and a TSA application is filled out. We are a pretty unique non-profit organization.  What makes us unique is that we do volunteer work at an airport and therefore all prospect volunteers need TSA clearance (background check) and a mandatory 3 1/2 hour class by TSA (no test will be administered).   Once you clear, we will train the volunteer on their duties and will have them shadow a season volunteer!  Because of this lengthy process, we require a minimum of a one (1) year commitment!
  • Hours of operations and Shifts:
    Our hours of operation are from 0900 to 2100. We are open 365 days a year. We do three (3) 4 hour shifts a day. First shift 0900-1300, Second shift 1300 to 1700, and Third shift 1700 to 2100. In the initial application on our website, there is a section where the prospect indicates their preference.  We require a minimum of two (2) 4 hour shifts per month.  Once again, we require a minimum of one (1) year commitment.
  • Would the volunteer get a certificate/letter of service with the hours they volunteered?
    Yes, at the end of each year and on demand!  Again, we are looking for long term volunteers, not for volunteers who will perform 20 hours of volunteer work, get their certificate and not be seen again.


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