Providing our military personnel, veterans, and their families a comfortable place to rest while traveling through the Miami International Airport. 


Thank You for hosting my family during our recent travel through the Miami International Airport.  Your organization provides an invaluable service that I’m extremely grateful for. Please accept this gift as a token of my gratitude.

The lounge was very nice! Thought I was visiting a USO! Keep up the good work.

I would personally like to thank your organization for the hospitality we received at the Miami Military Lounge. Although I know your organization is not the official USO, that lounge was better than most USO’s I’ve been too. My family was deeply impressed with the comfort of the lounge chairs and the availably of the bathrooms within the facility. The only thing I would suggest is to have someone update the computers in the back to Windows 10. I am a 25B (Information Technology Specialist) with the Army and we are moving away from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I am not sure who you can partner with to assist you with upgrading the computers. Other than that, thank you again for the hospitality.

My wife and I enjoyed our time spent at the Miami lounge and look forward to stopping in again.

Thank You your volunteer was very nice and your lounge was perfect. A much nicer experience than wandering around the airport for 4 hrs….    Me and my wife used the internet and relaxed for about 3 hrs.  I’m retired Army (34 yrs.).  We realize that you are all volunteers and really appreciate all you do to help out weary traveling Vets and active soldiers along their journeys.

Very comfortable, relaxing and safe. I had to wait there for several hours until my flight and the volunteers made me feel very safe. They even made sure I did not forget any of my items before I left.

I travel continually all over the country and usually visit USOs between flights. Your facility, although not a USO, I would rank as one of the best. 

The AT&T mission to the LA Air force contributes is close to a $1000 every holiday season to the LAX USO. 

Keep up the great service you provide to Service men and women, and their families. 

All the Best

Thank you very much my for the lounge, I love it. 

Thank you for having the lounge there. I go out of the county three or four time a year.  Some time, I have over 6 hour delays in transportation wait.  I use the lounge to make my trip go easier.  I do donate, but if you need more let me know.  I can do more to keep the club open.

Thanks for your hospitality.  The only thing that turned me off was that I could not have my small backpack with me in the lounge.  I was told to store it. I had a project to do and time to do it.  It was an inconvenience having to go back and forth for items.  

I am 78 yrs old, retired Marine Corps Sgtmaj 26 years. It was my first time ever, using a Military lounge to relax. I was very impressed with the comfort and hospitality offered. Thank you for a safe haven, out of the crowd and noise, it’s a blessing. In the future, I plan to use and support these facilities, thank you very much.           

Thank you for your hospitality. I was wondering why i was asked to take my bags with me from the USO when i decided to go get something to eat. I had a 4hour layover and was looking forward to dropping my carry-ons at the USO and going to eat. I have not been asked to take my bags from any other USO in the past. Thx

Many thanks for your hospitality 

Might I suggest a couple of things?

1. Maybe adding some more healthy type snack options like raisins, seeds, nuts, apples, oranges, plums etc.? (I did notice some apples which I took a couple of – thank you)!

2. Maybe have a news station that is more centrist and not biased. 

Thank you very much for having this USO available to us.  I sincerely appreciate it!

It greatly appreciated the lounge .We absolutely will be sending a donation.  I have told everyone in our military circle about your generosity.

I would like to thank you again for the hospitality and the generosity that we were shown while we had a 9 hour layover in Miami.  The lounge made it extremely tolerable for my wife and I traveling with our young, autistic son.  The staff was pleasant the entire time that we were there.  The facility allotted my family to be able to endure the discomforts of a long layover in a family friendly environment. I do not know how we would have been able to do it without you.  Again, we appreciate everything.

Great facility. Most enjoyable lounge to visit. 


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